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TicketWeb is a self-service online ticketing and marketing company that provides services for venues and event promoters. TicketWeb was bought by Ticketmaster in 2000. Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. is an American ticket sales and distribution company based in Beverly Hills, California with operations in many countries around the world. In 2010 it merged with Live Nation under the name Live Nation Entertainment.


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Shiloh says

"Why hasnt a class action been brought against these crooks? People purchased an item and never got it? At what point should it be considered theft? I mean if they sent me a ticket and I decided to go but not pay ...for a year, then two years then who knows maybe never, you think ticketweb wouldnt be taking me to court ? Of course, and rightfully do. As is my wish to take them for stealing from me. A show was advertised for a date I agreed to. It didnt happen. So give my damn money back, and everyone on this site you dirty pandemic exploiters! Im not even going to the concert if she does ever decide to hold up her end. Please people, lets take these jerks to court. Im in phoenix, Az. And ill go in with anyone wanting to take action."

Jeff says

"Had tickets for a show and then COVID happened. Wasn\'t able to attend the reschedule in April 2021. Was explicitly told to tear tickets, reply with confirmation code in the subject by XXX date. Replied a week earlier and have been trying to get a refund since...despite this whole documented back and forth, they continue to say I can\'t get a refund. At this point I\'m simply following up monthly to remind them they are lying to customers."

Christian Chase says

"Purchased tickets for Jim Breuer show 4/8/20 - show was postponed until October and ultimately canceled for obvious reasons. Reached out to TicketWeb and the response was they were mailing out. As of 12/13/20 nothing. The TicketWeb support page does not work either. No way to contact them. Out $200 bucks."

Caleb Viano says

"Thieves, as everyone has already pointed out. This company apparently has no accountability for paying customers. Took my money a year ago and still have not received tickets, a refund or anything at all for my money. Complete disgrace of a business no one should ever support again. Lots of ticket dealers, these people are thieves."

Katie Tamosiunas says

"Bought tickets to see Jim Breuer in Joliet, Illinois. show was in April, postponed to October but eventually cancelled in August. Still no refund. I was told 30-60 days since the announcement of the cancellation. It is long overdue. They were real quick to take my money but not so quick to give it back. Very frustrating."

Bill Edwards says

"I bought 2 tickets in December 2019 for a show in April 2020 that was moved to October 2020 that was eventually canceled because of Covid-19 .. on July 16th .. ever since I’ve gotten the email run around about I was refunded but it could take up to 60 business days to process ... still no refund as of today but an email saying check with your bank ?!! What crock of crap is that ??? They got paid as soon as I hit purchase... so a refund should be equally as quick !!! I can’t believe these thieves are alllowed to get away with this crap ....... STIIL !!"

Blake says

"TicketWeb is absolute crap. Do not buy through this scam of a service. They will rob you blind."

Ryan says

"Do not buy tickets from ticketweb. They refuse to give me a refund for a show that has been postponed since April. They keep telling me I have to wait for them to announce the new date. Well it's been 3 months and they told me there's no time frame for them to announce the new date. Guess they will continue to hold onto my refund for a long as they feel like. Assuming I even get a refund at this point."

hammertoe27 says

"I had a lot of things scheduled for this Summer, and every ticket company and venue, including Ticketmaster, agreed to refund for rescheduled events. That is, except Ticketweb. The Maness Brothers show in St. Louis was rescheduled from May to June, and in an email Ticketweb said you could get a refund for the rescheduled show. Since I could still go on the new date, I hung on. But then the show was rescheduled a second time with 16 days notice to July 4th, which I can't attend. I have emailed with two different reps to get a refund. Both reps emailed back quickly and said they are not offering refunds, but when I reply pointing out that they were offering refunds in the previous reschedule email and that they should honor it, neither emailed me back."

J E says

"I bought ticket to see Kaytranada at the Van Buren a long time ago before Covid-19. Since the date came and past almost a month ago, this ticketing company refuses to give a refund until it is rescheduled. I not longer wish to go to this concert and they will not budge. I am also moving out of state in 2 months so I wouldn't be able to attend even if I had a death with and attended an event with tons of people in close proximity to one another. It is either sacrifice your health and go to the concert or lose the overpriced money that I spent on it. What a shame that they put their customers last! What if a customer has a compromised immune system and can't be exposed to this potential virus? They don't care! They just want your $!"

Helen Fenner says

"I had 3 VIP tickets for a show that was canceled due to corona virus. They refuse to refund my money and furthermore, refused to give me contact information to reach a supervisor. They intend to keep our money - are we really going to collectively let this happen?"

Gillian Jones says

"Bought 4 tickets to see Harlem Globetrotters on March 13th & they cancelled because of COVID-19 which is absolutely understandable.
I contacted ticket web for a refund & they informed me that they weren’t giving out refunds at this time."

Dave Smiley says

"With the corona virus the concert I was planning on driving across states to attend was cancelled and as I have called to try and get a refund they don't have anyone there taking calls or responding to my emails. This has been a really bad customer experience for me."

Dr Gator says

"I had to cancel my tickets at Cafe Carlyle due to coronavirus. We live in Florida and cannot travel to NYC unfortunately. The representative was rude and couldn’t understand why I needed to cancel. Fortunately the Carlyle was very nice and will email ticketweb to ok a refund."

Adriana Gutierrez says

"They are making money out of no-shows and reselling tickets when they know well in advance the customer can not make the show. Bought tickets for Jazz Standard. 48 hours after the transaction, which was 10 days prior the show, I asked to return the tickets, since I could not longer travel to NYC. I explained I lived in another city and that I was returning the tickets we'll in advance of the show date. TicketWeb denied the request. TicketWeb is making me pay for a show I will not attend and they will sell those seats to another person, making twice the profit for the same seats."

Disgruntled Uncle says

"Buyer beware! Bought two tickets to see my nephew’s band play in Newport, KY. Show was cancelled due to a dispute between promoter and venue. Tried to get a refund and got no help from Ticket Web who pointed fingers at promoter who vanished. I’ll never buy tickets from this scam again!"

Andrea says

"Company doesn't care about people situation. Wanted to get a refund or switch my day to go on polar express train ride in phillipsburg due to a family emergency..my husband being rushed to the hospital ( was willing to prove proof), I don't drive so there was no way my son and I to take a 2hr trip from our house to go on train ride. Called the polar express excursion desk, gentlemen was very nice, said he has no problem rescheduling the train ride for a later date but has to call ticketweb since they are the ones the payment went through. Call ticketweb the representative that put the request for a refund or reschedule said there should be a problem with a refund or reschedule. Received an email about 2hrs later from representative Juan/ZRT349, stating I can not get a refund or schedule. There is no refunds or change given. So I lose 126.00...BEWARE DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE POSTIVE THAT YOU CAN FULFILL THE BOOKING. YOU WILL NEVER GET A REFUND OR RESCHEDULE, EVEN IF YOU DIE."

Sara Williams says

"Bought tickets to a concert and was cancelled due to weather. Almost a year later and still no use for the tickets. Called ticketweb twice now. Nothing but excuses. I probably will never see my refund I'm owed. He said it may be all sales final. Which is bull because it wasn't my fault I can't use them. Will never use them again. Horrible experience."

Laura Tracey says

"One star is too good for the Customer service and support I received from Ticketweb. I just attempted to purchase a $42 concert ticket for my son for tonight. When I clicked the button to confirm the order, Ticketweb instantaneously changed the confirmed amount to $109 and charged my credit card this amount that I did not approve. I immediately called Ticketweb. The customer service rep seemed to be chewing food as she spoke to me. She barely audibly told me that there was nothing she could do for me. At my request, she transferred me to her supervisor, Roy. Roy told me it was my fault and refused to admit that the Ticketweb site was faulty. I was scammed by this company and both reps seemed smug when telling me that I was beat out of my money. I told Roy that I'd be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. His responses was for me to "go ahead and do that". I urge the public not to deal with this illegitimate company that literally just robbed a child."

Disha says

"TicketWeb is FRADULENT and does not sell real ticket!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!

I bought tickets to Snoop Dogg in New York and my tickets were canceled. I rang up the venue and they said the event was still happening and so I called up TicketWeb and got confirmation that the event was cancelled 5 times. I asked for clarity whether the actual event was cancelled and Snoop Dogg was not performing or if the TicketWeb tickets were not valid. They informed me the actual event was cancelled – this was lies and false. I would have bought new tickets if I was informed with the correct information.

I was skeptical when my friend who bought tickets from another vendor didn’t receive a cancellation email. It turns out the event went ahead and I missed out on the event because of TicketWeb’s fraudulent tickets which were not real in the first place!!

I spoke to customer service and spoke to a man named Roy who was extremely rude and unapologetic of the behavior of TicketWeb and unwilling to compensate me for missing out on the concert due to false information and ticket cancellation from TicketWeb!!


Very unhappy with this vendor and will never engage with them ever again!"

Stacy Healy says

"Worst concert experience Details: I have been going to concerts for many years and from time to time I have experienced an inconvenience or two. But, what transpired with EVERYTHING involved in the August 16 Zakk Sabbath show was the absolute most appallingly disorganized mess I have ever encountered. I ordered 4 tickets months before the show which were supposed to be delivered by snail mail. As the date of the concert approached I called Ticket Web customer service and was informed that the tickets were being held back by the venue (Warsaw theater) but they would be sent. I called again two weeks out from the show because still NO tickets. Again I was not only informed by Ticket Web customer service that the tickets did not mail out yet BUT they were being sent the beginning of the following week. The Monday before the show when I still had not received my tickets I once again contacted Ticket Web customer service and this time I was told that my tickets had been sent out weeks ago? The representative assured me that my 4 tickets would be available for me at the venue as 'will call'. I was instructed to get to the Warsaw theater an hour before the doors were to open and to have proper identification. I was on line at the destination that was set aside for 'will call' tickets at 7 pm and stood in that same spot for over two hours without seeing the line move. In fact, the more people that I spoke to turned out to be in the same position I was regarding NOT getting their tickets. This entire fiasco was exasperated by the extremely unprofessional handling of this issue by the Warsaw itself. Little information was provided to those of us standing on that line...that hot line. I had two women in tow who needed to use the restroom but there was no option provided to them from the Warsaw because they would not open the freakin doors at the advertised 8 pm time. With no establishment near the venue with a public restroom the girls and I were forced to leave the line which was growing to an unbelievable mass of ticketless people in order to find somewhere they could use a restroom! On foot in an unfamiliar area searching for a place that could accommodate such a thing is not easy but luckily we found a place. After having to go through this a couple of times and not seeing the line move for almost three hours we had had enough of this unpleasant experience. I demand a full refund for my four tickets which I ironically received today in the mail! What a joke!!"

Melissa Allen says

"Ticketweb has really bad customer services. I called and when I asked for a manager, he told me that was no possible because he is working from home. I'm sorry, but it shouldn't mater where you are working from, if I need to speak to a manager then I should be able to speak to a manager. When I called back and really nice lady picked up and was able to answer all my questions, this is the only reason why they are receiving two stars."

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